How to Connect to a Site.

To connect to a site using this iPhone or iPad application you first need to do a few things at the site. This guide should help you understand the setup process to enable you to connection this application to your site(s).

Enabling the Web Interface in Evolution

  1. At the PC running Evolution go to the menu 'Administrator / Workstation Settings'.
  2. Click the check box Enable Web Interface.
  3. Enter the IP Address and Port Number you want Evolution to use. (Note: The IP address is the local IP Address of the PC running Evolution. The default Web Interface port is 80).
  4. Press OK. If you now get a Windows Security alert warning you that Evolution is now trying to accept incoming network connections, chose Unblock to allow external access to Evolution.
  5. You should be now able to enter the web address of the PC running Evolution into a web browser on the:
  6. If you can not open the web page on the PC and or the local PC's, please contact the sites IT staff. They will need to unblock the PC's firewall to give the program external access.

Now that the Evolution Web Interface has been enabled and you can open it in a Web Browser, the next step is to configure the Sites router so the interface can be accessed externally via the internet.

(If your Phone and/or Tablet are connected via Wi-Fi to your local network you can skip to the 'Adding the Site into the Evolution Mobile App' instructions below).


Port Forwarding the Router to Allow External Access over the Internet

  1. Login to the site's Router.
  2. You need to configure the router so that it Port Forwards information received on the selected port (port 80 by default) externally by the router to the IP Address of the PC running the Evolution Software.

  3. For more information on Port forwarding Click below.
    1. What is Port Forwarding?
    2. Port Forwarding Instructions for Common Routers

Now we are ready to add the Site into the Evolution Mobile application.


Adding the Site into the Evolution Mobile App.

  1. Press the Add button.
  2. Enter the Site Name (e.g. 99 Pitt Street)
  3. Enter the Site Address. This is the external IP address of the sites Router. (e.g.
  4. Enter your Username. This is the username you use to login to Evolution
  5. Enter your Password.
  6. Press the Save button.
  7. If you want the site to automatically login when you start the Evolution Mobile application, simply edit the site and press the 'Set As Default' button at the bottom.